electrical installation condition reports

An EICR should be done:

  • 10 years for a domestic property

  • 5 Years on a rented property or on a change of occupancy.( legal requirement as of 1st June 2020.)

  • Before being sold so that the buyers know the condition of the properties electrics

If you haven't had it done within these timeframes its really worth getting a quote. For the small cost you lay out every 5/10 years the peace of mind & the safety of you and of your family's is well worth it!

What happens during the test?

We will carry out both extensive visual & electrical checks & tests on your property to see if the system is in a good condition and that it complies with safety regulations. The time it takes for one of our experienced electrician to carry out the test depends of the size of your property. A small flat, terraced house or small semi /detached property for example takes around 2-5 hours on site and a full day sometimes for larger properties. We will send you this comprehensive report as a PDF, if anything is found to be unsafe or not up to safety requirements a detailed report will be included and will go through the findings with you and provide a free quote/ advice for the repairs.

Get touch to book your electrical condition report